What’s Your Dysfunction?

I was listening to a #StevenFurtick podcast (“I Know How This Story Ends”- look it up) when I heard “but that’s my dysfunction“… he was talking about going looking for negative responses on Social media, a habit I identify with.

Same podcast, he was talking about David and Goliath, about things that could have stopped David from accomplishing Gods destiny for him. David could have copped an attitude with his dad, he could have kept arguing with his brothers, etc. (go listen to it).

Back to me… How many times do I focus on the wrong thing or give distractions my full attention? Could that be keeping me from focusing on and slaying the real giant. For me the giant isn’t some external thing, it’s not people or what they do or say… it’s my own emotional tendencies, it’s internal… are those things keeping me from accomplishing the call of God on my life?

So then Pastor Rob at #bchurch was talking about winter and waiting and weakness… how God is strong when we are weak… how Paul said “I brag about my weakness” because in weakness God is strong.

Now let me say that identifying and recognizing my dysfunction is all well and good. Knowing who the battle is really against… also good! But I would prefer to keep my weakness, my dysfunction, my battles all to myself… just between me and God, ya know? I don’t want to brag about that… I’ll brag about my strengths but I dont want to let everyone know my weaknesses.

But apparently He does… He wants to show His strength through me and while He CAN work through my strengths, He WILL work in my weaknesses!

It’s the little things that make the most impact right? The things we minimize so that it isn’t really noticeable… those seem to be the things that God uses to really impact the people around us. To be honest, I don’t think I’m at the point where I am ready to lay all my weaknesses out there for all to see… but now I know that hiding them is counterproductive to God’s purpose. Maybe He uses me in my strength AND in my weaknesses to make a difference in this world.

What do you think?