On Long Island, where musical legends like Billy Joel had set the bar high, a kid named Jay discovered his passion. Growing up in a Christian household, worship was a way of life. The atmosphere of his home resonated with a chorus of melodies. After all, dinner table sing-alongs and impromptu guitar sessions were the norm, interweaving bluegrass, gospel, and praise tunes. This haven of warmth and unconventionality embraced “adopted” family members, overflowed with love, and nurtured faith.

Jay’s heart is dedicated to reconciliation, and his prayers echo with the hopes of bridging divides between fathers and children. His journey is a tapestry woven with threads of pain and triumph, loss and redemption, all intricately bound by faith and resilience.

With raw honesty, Jay’s message touches the heart. He combines hard-earned experiences with catchy hooks, delivering profound truths and finding peace in the Comforter of broken souls to communicate emotions through song that words alone struggle to convey. Jay’s musical style seamlessly blends the rough edges of classic and southern rock, the irresistible groove of R&B and funk, and the nuanced melodies reminiscent of the piano men who’ve left an indelible mark on generations. All of this is grounded in his faith and in the musical foundation of Contemporary Christian music that has surrounded him his entire life.

Jay serves as the Worship & Creative Director at Morning Star Fellowship in Quakertown and Pennsburg, PA.

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Jay’s musical journey began with his high school rock band, performing gigs across Long Island. Their dreams soared until a pivotal night at Gilead, a Christian coffeehouse in Port Jefferson. A performance by Mike DelGuidice transformed into an unexpected worship service, leaving 17-year-old Jay profoundly moved. This encounter marked a turning point, redefining the God he had always known and propelling him onto a new path. Abandoning his rock band, Jay embraced playing his music with a renewed sense of purpose.

Later that year, however, life took unexpected turns. Jay was thrust into adulthood when his father suffered a brain aneurysm, shifting his dreams of a musical career to the background as he became his father’s caregiver. Despite his responsibilities, he continued to write Christian music and perform locally, navigating the complexities of life.

The decline of Jay’s father, coupled with emotional turmoil, prompted him to flee Long Island for Texas in an attempt to escape the pain. The change of location didn’t provide peace; instead, it rushed him into a misguided marriage and an unfulfilling market for his skills. This period became one of the lowest in Jay’s life, marked by poor decisions and a tenuous relationship. Jay suddenly found himself at a small church, where an offer to lead worship initiated a 13-year journey marked by spiritual abuse and manipulation from a narcissistic pastor. Breaking free from this toxic situation was an uphill battle, laden with guilt and shame.

When he was 26, Jay’s father passed away, the wounds of abandonment deepened, and the scars of abuse remained. His marriage, founded on faith, was crumbling, leaving Jay to grapple with shame and loss. In the subsequent years, his soon-to-be ex-wife and children diverged from their Christian roots, embracing other paths and unconventional lifestyles.

Navigating this intricate web of relationships after divorce was a formidable challenge. Balancing love and societal expectations, Jay stood firm in his faith, maintaining his love for his children despite their differing paths. The years following became a period of healing, as he embraced singlehood and encountered God’s faithfulness in profound ways. Amidst the global pandemic, Jay found solace in music. Reconnecting with his passion for worship and songwriting, he found comfort in melodies and lyrics. It was during this period that he crossed paths with Trina, and their connection gradually deepened into a meaningful relationship. Their marriage marked a turning point, revealing the power of God’s transformative work. Trina’s presence brought a sense of restoration to Jay’s journey, and through that, Jay experienced firsthand the profound impact of divine grace, bringing renewed hope and repairing past hurts.

Through the complexities of earthly relationships and family bonds, Jay perseveres. Even in life’s challenges, he discovered the unwavering love of his heavenly Father, becoming a source of hope and healing for himself and hopefully for others. Jay’s story, with its share of trials and triumphs, echoes a message of redemption and emphasizes that even during the toughest times, we can rely on the enduring love and grace of God. Through the twists and turns of his journey, he discovered the strength to overcome adversity, the courage to redefine his purpose, and the unwavering love of his heavenly Father. From the streets of Long Island to the quiet sanctuary of the church, Jay’s life is a symphony of hope and restoration. As his melodies continue to weave their way into the hearts of listeners, his music stands as a reminder that even amidst the darkest times, the light of Jesus can guide us toward redemption, reconciliation, and ultimately salvation.


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