Have you noticed my servant Job?

Sometimes I think about Job… I think about his story, about losing everything, and about Gods statement “have you noticed my servant Job?”

The first thing I realized… God was the first to mention Job… not Satan. God brought him up, God initiated that conversation, it was like God was baiting Satan… If I was Job, I’d have been like “nah it’s OK, no need to bring me into this… I’m good” 🤷🏻‍♂️

Something else I realize as I think about his story is this… the challenge wasn’t really about what Job would do on a physical or even an emotional level, it wasn’t about the reactions or actions he would take in response to the losses he suffered or if he would do the right thing. It was would he curse God if God removed His protection? And to me that’s significant.

I’ve been through things, suffered some significant losses in my life, at one point I lost everything and it was devastating but I AM NOT JOB – Not even close.

I think sometimes I get caught up or hung up on “am I doing the right thing… and what is God leading me to do… and what if I do the wrong thing?” And while it’s good to seek Gods direction and follow His voice as best we can, sometimes I think the real test is something much deeper than our actions or reactions.

Did I continue to seek Him even when I couldn’t find Him, When I couldn’t hear Him, When the bad stuff seemed to keep coming and the hits just didn’t stop, did I still hold on to Him? Was God my center?

I don’t think it was ever about what I went through, what I lost, what I suffered or what I did… no, I think it was about what was I clinging to through it all and when I had nothing else… that’s the test… it’s always been the heart God is after.