Feeling reflective today & Dude it has been a journey! Most of you don’t know the half of it but this is not that kind of post –
no biography today! 
“The devil is in the details” and I’m sure he played his part, as did I (can’t blame all my issues on the devil) but my story has been way too well orchestrated to blame on him. Broken in more ways than I care to remember, the personal, financial and spiritual struggles have been BRUTAL!
I’ve got the best kids a man could ever ask for. The friends that remain are friends that would walk through fire with me. I have found out what it means to walk by faith. I have learned to work. I have learned to trust. I have learned to enjoy every minute… even the struggle & I am doing what I was created to do.

“If I’d known the road I’d travel Id have run the other way 
far from the heartache but You don’t make mistakes” – enough