I’m Just Getting Started

I’m not exactly a kid any more. I’ve been chasing certain dreams for what seems like a lifetime… 20 yrs… 30… maybe more?! Its easy to give up, easy to quit and to settle for what life has dealt me. Then once in a while something comes along to rekindle a dream that I had set aside. 

Is it time?

Is this one mine?

Is this the rhyme

You penned for me?

Just Getting Started

I think you know what I mean. It could be anything… Maybe you have always dreamed of writing a book, starting a business, owning a home, doing something that seems impossible. Maybe you had your dream crushed by well meaning yet near sighted individuals who “helped” you settle on settling for less than you dreamed of. Maybe the circumstances of life knocked your feet out from under you and the dream took a back seat to your needs.

I understand… I’ve been there more times than I can count. In some ways I am still there! 

If the dream was born inside of you, it is there for a reason. If the gift is in you, it is meant to be given. If the idea of greatness (in any capacity) is something that you can not escape, then you are probably meant to pursue that concept to its completion. 

Circumstances may not seem favorable, but if a farmer was to wait for everything to be perfect before starting to prepare soil he would never plant the seed and we would never enjoy the fruit of his labor.

Just Getting Started is an anthem for those who have waited, those who have set their grand idea on the back burner, and those who have never given up on that dream. It doesn’t matter how long you have been at it or how far you have come, in the grand scheme of things, You are Just Getting Started… as am I.

Keep your eyes ahead

Leave the past on ‘read’

I know if I’m not dead there’s something 

And I’m just getting started!

Just Getting Started
He who started a work in you is faithful to complete it - Philippians 1:6