The Restore Tour

We just want someone to make it all “right”. But what we really need is for the Great Restorer to do what we just can’t do.  At a Jay Davids’ Restore Tour Concert – you’ll experience unforgettable moments of authentic worship mingled with the stories from a lifetime of walking with the Great Restorer.

My heart (and God’s) is for the restoration of families, marriages, and prodigals. My story has plenty of heartaches and failures but also moments of pure joy. Through everything God has proven His faithfulness and provided something truly special… Songs born of brokenness that minister to broken people. Songs of joy for praising God no matter the circumstances. Songs of the hope we have in God who is The Great Restorer… I would love to share what God has done with you and your community.

What concert goers had to say about the Restore Tour Concert:

Amazing lyrics, great voice, fun atmosphere! Through clapping, singing out, and even a few tears… this event was profound! Can’t wait for the next Jay David’s Concert!

– Erin

The lyrics, the soul, the laughter and pure joy the band had on the stage, the atmosphere, the holy spirit moving in that place, watching a room full of christ followers worshipping our savior, every bit of the concert was beautiful!

– Lexi

Talented artist sharing gifts of voice, instruments, and song writing with a humble heart for Jesus.

– Gretchen

Exceptional evening of praise, worship and story telling. To encourage and inspire hope in the hearts of all that attended. The audience interaction and freedom to worship was beautiful!

– J

Now booking Intimate, vibey venues to bring the Restore Tour to
Summer and Fall 2024 and beyond